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Top 10 Bioanalytical Services Companies in Europe - 2020


Comprehensive bioanalysis is vital at every stage of product development and is intertwined with the discovery of clinical capabilities. However, bioanalysis plays a critical role in drug development, consistently delivering accurate and reliable data, being subjected to rigorous scientific and regulatory review to ensure the success of preclinical and clinical programs. Besides, bioanalytical tools and services include capabilities akin to proprietary method development, validation, method transfer, and high throughput sample analysis and pharmacokinetic and toxicokinetic support, combined with automated data capture and reporting system.

Today, bioanalytical tools and services companies routinely develop, optimize, validate and apply quantitative bioanalytical methods to measure drug and metabolite concentrations for samples in almost biological fluid including both standard plasma, serum, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), urine, and tissue and unconventional matrices like ocular, muscle, and bile. Like the companies optimize existing methods to increase efficiency and robustness that identify liabilities, and de-risk regulated issues. Development of bioanalytical methods essential for any drug development programme is one area where delays often occur, but with proper planning, it could be avoided. It is often necessary to move bioanalytical methods from one laboratory to another over the course of a drug development programme. Given today’s time pressures and the high cost of discovery and development in biopharmaceutical research, it is more important than ever that services, such as bioanalysis, are optimized for speed and success. To help business decision-makers streamline workflow, increase efficiency and remove bottlenecks Pharma Tech Outlook presents “Top 10 Bioanalytical Services Providers in Europe 2020,” for selecting the right partner for their respective ventures.

    Top Bioanalytical Services Companies in Europe

  • Lipotype offers lipidomics analysis services to help researchers in the absolute quantification of lipid species. With a distinctive team comprising lipid biologists, bioinformatics experts, and scientists specialized in mass spectrometry data analysis, bioinformatics, and lipid chemistry/biology, Lipotype focuses on helping researchers find the answers to their questions. Through the company’s revolutionary solution, the Lipotype Shotgun Lipidomics Technology, researchers can perform bioanalysis and receive detailed, processed data reports with figures and graphs that are ready to be published for their reference. The analysis covers a wide variety of sample types, more than 2300 individual lipids and identifies more than 43 different lipid classes

  • Altasciences


    a forward-thinking, mid-size early phase contract research organization, in Canada and the U.S., offering biopharmaceutical companies of all sizes a proven, flexible approach to early drug development, including preclinical safety testing, clinical pharmacology (Phase I to Phase II), bioanalysis (preclinical to Phase IV), research services, and manufacturing and analytical services.Focused on your success … always available and always looking ahead. Moving in unison to deliver big impact with a personal touch.

  • BioAgilytix


    We are a bioanalytical lab that has evolved the model for partnership in large molecule bioanalysis to benefit our customers and the patients they serve.BioAgilytix is a leading bioanalytical testing laboratory specializing in large molecule bioanalysis. With laboratory locations in North Carolina’s Research Triangle area, the Cambridge/Boston area, and Hamburg, Germany, BioAgilytix provides PK, immunogenicity, biomarkers, gene therapy, and cell-based assay services supporting the development and release testing of biologics across a number of industries and disease states. BioAgilytix offers assay development, validation, and sample analysis under non-GLP, GLP, and GCP, as well as GMP quality control testing (i.e. product release testing, stability testing, etc.).

  • Charles River

    Charles River

    At Charles River, we are passionate about our role in improving the quality of people’s lives. Our mission, our excellent science and our strong sense of purpose guides us in all that we do, and we approach each day with the knowledge that our work helps to improve the health and well-being of many across the globe.Offers a comprehensive, integrated portfolio of drug development products and services spanning the continuum from early research to the support of marketed products

  • GeneKor Medical

    GeneKor Medical

    GeneKor is multinational molecular diagnostics company founded in 2007 and operates molecular biology laboratories with state of the art equipment suitable to provide the highest quality of Molecular Services . We provide a diversification of services focused on improving patient care utilizing the latest technologies of prognostic, predictive, and personalized medicine.The clinical expertise of GeneKor focuses on:Response to Targeted Therapy Pharmacogenetics,Determination of Hereditary Cancer (Breast Cancer , Colon Cancer , Thyroid Cancer , Pancreatic Cancer , etc.),Diagnosis of Non-Hereditary Cancer New Unique Technological Platforms (OncotypeDX BreastTM, OncotypeDX ColonTM, OncotypeDX ProstateTM, PCA3TM, RosettaGX Cancer OriginTM)

  • Neuro-Sys


    Neuro-Sys is a research-intensive and innovative organisation specialising in pharmacology and in advanced in vitro and in vivo models of neurodegenerative diseases, mode of action research, and drug development in the CNS and PNS fields.At Neuro-Sys, we support customers in the discovery of new treatments in the CNS and PNS fields. We provide unique in vitro and in vivo platforms to accurately determine the efficacity of and pharmacological profiling of compounds, to explore their underlying mechanism of action, and to understand their neuroprotective activity. And we support you by helping you design your programmes, and by providing analysis and advice along the way.

  • Nuvisan


    NUVISAN provides all services from one single source according from API Synthesis, Formulation Development to Non-Clinical, Early Clinical, Pharmaceutical as well as Bioanalytical Lab Services.NUVISAN Pharma Services is a fully integrated Contract Research Organization and pharmaceutical service provider with an with a 40-years track record of serving clients’ needs in early and clinical development.NUVISAN started operations as the privately owned contract research institute, LAB in 1979 and has been performing clinical pharmacological and pharmacokinetic studies, ever since.

  • PPD


    PPD is a leading global contract research organization providing comprehensive, integrated drug development, laboratory and lifecycle management services. Our customers include pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, academic and government organizations. With offices in 46 countries and approximately 23,000 professionals worldwide, PPD applies innovative technologies, therapeutic expertise and a firm commitment to quality to help customers bend the cost and time curve of drug development to deliver life-changing therapies that improve health.

  • Synexa Life Sciences

    Synexa Life Sciences

    Synexa is headquartered in the Leiden Bio Science Park in the Netherlands, and has over 50 scientists in three main laboratories in London, Berlin and Cape Town. These professional scientists operate in client-focused teams with an emphasis on scientific collaboration and problem solving.Synexa's services and technology platforms cover the full spectrum of biomarker types, including DNA, RNA, protein, cellular and tissue analysis. The company also offers an innovative approach to translational immunology, liquid biopsy analysis and bioinformatics-driven patient stratification

  • TicinumLab


    Ticinum Lab Pharma Research Center is certified by the Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA) as a GMP manufacturing site authorized to perform quality control testing (on Medicine Products and Investigational Medicinal Products (IMP). The company focuses of development of analytical methods for active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and drug products (special expertise in the research of genotoxic impurities) to control the quality and stability of products and prepare registration dossiers.